While Pacific Pro is a professional football league, Pacific Pro is committed to helping educate its players.

However, for Pacific Pro, the word “education” has a much broader meaning beyond a traditional four year college education.  “Education” at Pacific Pro will encompass vocational education, trades, internships, and potential career building paths that may or may not include a traditional academic path.

The development of a post-football career path depends on the interests and capabilities of each player.  And the career counselors at Pacific Pro will work with each player to identify opportunities that fit with each player’s desires and unique capabilities.

At Pacific Pro, we recognize and respect that every player is unique, with different interests and passions off the field, so our counselors will help players customize a plan for a post-football career path.  That plan may contain a mixture of traditional academic classes, vocational training and internships.  But not every player will be treated with a cookie-cutter approach.  Doing so risks player disinterest, which leads to less successful outcomes.

Pacific Pro’s players will be provided with:

• A career counselor for each team.
• One year paid tuition and books at a local community college, subject to certain conditions.
• Support and counseling in locating part-time employment and/or internships in their field of interest.
• Introductions to professionals in their field of interest who may serve as mentors.
• A customized plan for their post-football career life.