Pacific Pro will hire the best professional coaches suited for properly developing players on and off the field.  Pacific Pro coaches will be comprised of veteran professional coaches and the best emerging coaching talent.  Coaching staff composition and hires will benefit from the guidance and advice of Pacific Pro advisory board member and 3 time NFL Super Bowl winning coach, Mike Shanahan.  Coach Shanahan will assist Pacific Pro in developing Pacific Pro’s coaching protocols so that players and coaches all have the ability to further and excel in their careers beyond Pacific Pro.

While Pacific Pro competition and games will be played at a high level, the proper development of players will be paramount.

Proper player development will include, among other things:

• Recognition of player safety during all drills, practices, and games.
• Intensive focus on technique work at all positions.
• Cultivation of disciplined mental approach to the job.
• Proper playbook and film study techniques.
• Focus on the professional style of game play, formations, personnel usage, game planning, etc.
• Intensive study and application of the rules of professional football.
• Cultivation of expected standard of behavior befitting professional athletes, on and off the field.

Each Pacific Pro coaching staff will be comprised of a full complement of personnel necessary to properly coach, train and counsel a 50 player roster.  Unlike other football leagues, coaches and players will have no artificial time restraints on their interaction, which will lead to better coaching and learning.