Pacific Pro will utilize professional employment and football protocols, on and off the field. The Pacific Pro player will be expected to meet high job standards and expectations, and Pacific Pro will only make employment offers to those players that demonstrate these attributes, or possess the potential to develop these attributes.

Pacific Pro will have its own internal scouting department, led by professional football scouts with many years of experience. These scouts will assess football talent not only domestically, but internationally, and will utilize the same scouting protocols deployed by established professional football leagues. These protocols may include tryout camps or scouting combines.

Pacific Pro candidates, should they receive an offer, will receive an offer projected to include:

  • Salary and benefits package projected at an average of $50,000 annually, but each candidate’s specific compensation will be individually determined.
  • One year paid tuition and books at a community college, subject to certain restrictions.
  • Pacific Pro assisted academic and/or vocational counseling.

Pacific Pro will initially consist of 4 teams, and the roster for each is projected at 50 players.  Therefore, Pacific Pro’s inaugural season will kick off with 200 total players.  This is a very small number when one considers that an estimated 30,000 players participate in NCAA college football (FBS + FCS schools).  That figure is considerably larger when one considers player participation in NCAA Division II & III, NAIA, and high school football.  American football also is played in leagues in Europe and Asia.

Given these participation figures, obtaining an employment offer from Pacific Pro will be quite exclusive and prestigious.

So what does the Pacific Pro player look like?  What kind of attributes must the player have?

  1. The Pacific Pro player must not be more than 4 years removed from the date in which their high school class graduated.
  2. The Pacific Pro player must, in the opinion of Pacific Pro scouting personnel, have the potential to play professional football beyond Pacific Pro.
  3. The Pacific Pro player must have the disposition and discipline necessary to adhere to the daily responsibilities and expectations of being a professional athlete, on and off the field.
  4. The Pacific Pro player must have interest in exploring their post-football life, with the aid of Pacific Pro counselors.